Exile Tribe : The Visual Dictionary

Exile Tribe's FIRST EVER PHOTO BOOK! CONSISTING OF 500-700 pages (i guess? kinda not sure o this part.) It's like a compilation of all their photos from personal to public photos. Behind the scene of their pvs as well. 28 people all in all. It has photos of them with their friends in the group. Their photos with expressions we didn't see always is included. Their treasured photos during shooting of pvs is in also.

This will be the inside arrangement  of the PB:

PART 2:三代目J Soul Brothers

This gonna be the BEST OF THE BEST PHOTOBOOK! we will get to know each of the member very well. This is worth purchasing. It will be release on 11/12.
It has hard cover size of A5. 1KG is the weight.

PS: i'm encouraging every fan of exile tribe to purchase! :)  unluckily i can't. it was a tough one for me to double my work while studying. can't save enough money, but i'm hoping that a lot will buy! To show our Love and support! <3

As i Pomised... HKD sneak peak




Yey! Hahaha can't wait really what's inside so i decided to rip it already! Hahahahaha The white one is the cd where mp3s are (HKD, PAGES & Evergreen english version) , the black one is the dvd where the pvs are. (HKD & PAGES). It also have mini booklet for the song lyrics (but i don't understand a thing lol coz it's in kanji) and the best part is the EXTERNAL BONUS WHICH IS THE ONE PIECE 3D CARD!

Enjoy!! Comments are loved. <3

PS: i really don't know how will i take picture of the poster so i'm sorry for not including it here. *bows*


My HKD single has finally arrived!

Yes! Finally! My most awaited present for my self has arrived! :) i was really happy opening the whole package tho i know it was only a single and a poster! My hands were trembling while slowly taking off the bubble wrap. Hahahaha and i finally saw the single.. Can't speak, my mind was in blank state and my emotions is in chaos! Hahahaha i don't know why but it wasn't my first time to have a single but this one's kinda awesome i guess? That's why. Hahahahaha anyways, i haven't seen what's inside the single, i might faint lol! (Just exaggerating xD) the poster was really awesome! I never thought it would be that glossy and big! XD i got no idea where to put it inside my room. Hahahahaha can't contain my feels maybe because it was my first ever Generations single, and i might purchase more for collection stuff and of course to show my love and support to them. :)

Furthermore, my mom and dad was really happy too, i thought they wouldn't like the idea of it , me being a fangirl but then i was surprised when they told me that the single was really cool. Feels like my heart jump out of my chest. hahahaha (just want to share this.)

So far this year is the best birthday for me! A lot happened recently but i overcome all of it THANKS TO ALL MY FANGIRLSFRIENDS! ILOVEYOU! 💜 i really appreciate the love and concern.

Yosh! Sorry for the drama. XDv

PS: sorry i wasn't able to take lots of pic because i haven't open it yet i'll post some other time. ^^v

EXILE's 24Karats GOLD SOUL preview

Oh my gosh for Exile's new pv! IT WAS REALLY AN AWESOME ONE JUST LIKE EVERY PVs they do! I very much love the song itself of course not just only the pv. Hahahaha it was published yesterday by exile.jp you can watch the preview here :


So i might spoil you with some of the pics and I'M SORRY FOR BEING TOO BIAS HAHAHAHAHA :Dv i just love ALAN there so much that i can't take my eyes from him. ♥

Let's all enjoy the pv ne?! :D


© Gap

Yay! Here comes the lyrics for the most awaited song of the most awaited movie! :)) i don't understand it because it was written in kanji but i want to share it with you guys! I know some of you can read it and could translate it in english. :)
I know it has a very wonderful meaning! Let's enjoy it together ne? :))

By the way full credits to my friend Gap. ♥
Anyone who would want to translate it in english are free to take the picture. :)) love lots!

GENE's All for you preview

So uhhhmm all for you  is going to be an official soundtrack on the upcoming movie GIRL STEP. The official trailer was out on June 12 this year and it will be aired this September 12, 2015.


Azusa (Anna Ishii) and Narumi (Fuka Koshiba) are 2nd grade high school students. They lack confidence and also any kind of ambitions. Hazuki (Karin Ono), Tamaki (Mika Akizuki) and Mika (Miku Uehara) are also unnoticed students at the same high school. These five girls form a dance club and begin to dance to get credits. They soon learn the joys of dancing and also learn to express themselves.

So i guess this gonna be a new single from Generations! Yay so excited to hear the full version of it! Let's support the upcoming movie while patiently waiting for the all for you single! XD
The song was nice after i've listened to it many times as well as the movie! :D ♥

Here's the link!


Thoughts #2

Thoughts are clouding up my mind. Words, words, words are striking every bit of my brain cells. Past events were slowly injecting venom into my veins. I feel light headed. Yes, i did regret every thing I've done. I don't know either how and why did i do such. I got remnants of it but seriously, i don't know all of that. I mean, it's like somebody's compelling me to do that. Yet i know it was just me. Only me.
Am i really me? Is it still me? Or is there 'another' living inside me? Should i worry a lot about this or just leave it alone? Am i too weak to live in this chaotic world?
I'm afraid of what will happen next. I'm afraid people might see me as someone who just lose her sanity. It threatens me.

HKD cover ver.



I do love all the covers but my most favorite is the Cd + Dvd cover! It's kinda artistic tho~ xD

Plus, i'm too excited to hear the full ver of hkd!
Hands up for those who are excited like me!! :D